Mexico 2014: Marietas Islands

Coffee and Turtlenecks

I did promise a whack of Mexico stories a while ago…So I should probably deliver at least one of them seeing as it’s been approximately four months since I returned. Just a heads up, this is heavily photo laden.

In February, myself, my sisters and my Mom hopped on a flight to Puerto Vallarta for a week. We stayed at a Riu Jalisco and did the sorts of things that an all inclusive vacation provides. It’s very low maintenance travelling. And a lot of the time a nice relaxing vacation where not much preparation is necessary, is just what you need. Because of this freedom to lounge and do as we saw fit the whole week, we were free to book external tours at our leisure. The first of which was an Island adventure in the Bahia de Banderas out of Pureto Vallarta.


This was the best thing basically ever!



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Creative Photo Project: A Love Letter

–  A picture is worth a thousand words. –

Creating an interesting and detailed story from just a photo was the exciting task in this project along with choosing an interesting way in which to present my work of art. For this assignment, I decided to give a photo a past filled with love and mystery.

I started with constructing a letter (dated August 31st, 1940) that was written by a fictional young mother conveying her love and her deep fears for her children; as their father went off to war (World War II to be exact). She then packs the letter away carefully with some recent newspapers with no intention to send it to him.

In the letter is a photo of a man walking off along a lonely road with his belongings. The young wife explains in the letter that it was the last time she ever saw her husband and she wanted to remember it.

She signs the love letter off with:

“I label this package with fragile – for it contains your most loyal treasure, my heart.”

With the addition of a brown tag hanging on the outside of the package to really authenticate it; this small paper box takes a trip back to war-time where families were torn apart and romances slowly perished with time.

Brown Paper Package
Brown Paper Package


Brown paper package cushioned with old newspapers.
Brown paper package cushioned with old newspapers.
1939 and 1943 New York Times Newspaper. Containing articles & updates on the war.
A 1939 and 1943 New York Times Newspaper articles containing updates on the war.


♪”Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things.”♫ 

– The Sound of Music (1965)


 I am very pleased to say that I enjoyed doing this project very much.  

TCM Therapy: Highlights from TCMFF Press Day

This made me verrryy happy. ❤

Nitrate Diva

RobertO Leave it to Robert Osborne to articulate something I’ve been struggling with for years: that is, why are old movies better than new ones?

Osborne puts it down to the “positive note” that concludes most classic films—even some of the most hardboiled.

Take Raoul Walsh’s 1941 gangster drama High Sierra. By the end, Osborne recalls, “The leading man has been killed, his dog has no hand to lick, but you leave the theater feeling good!”

And, just to prove his point, Osborne gave us a quick impression of Ida Lupino’s huskily ecstatic, “He’s free…” delivered over Bogie’s bullet-riddled body.

Today, uplifting but thoughtful escapism is harder to come by, perhaps because the public doesn’t crave it like they used to. “We wanted bigger-than-life personalities then. Today we want the people onscreen to be just like real people,” says Osborne. Blame a growing atmosphere of cynicism: “The world has changed…

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8 Helpful Hints in Starting Your Own Small Business

Getting started with your own business is a very exciting and stressful event experience. Here are some helpful tips and hints about marketing and promoting to assist you in creating your own small business.

Creating several future goals for your small business is one of the first steps to build your own business. Reasonable years for each business goal range from year one to year ten. Common business plans set them for year 1, 3, 5 and 10. This gives the small business enough time to establish itself and how well it can stand over time. Business plans are very important when starting a small business.

Having a brand name is also very important when it comes to standing out against the completion. Setting yourself apart from everyone else is something the best companies do to be successful. The brand name should be verb rather than a noun because verbs are more attractive when read and seen. And it also adds life to the image of your small business.

To get started, you will need your own business license. This allows you to have the right to sell a product or service legally. They are quite expensive as well. A lot of research and resourcing must be done before deciding to open your own business.

Keep the same theme throughout the entire business. Whether it’s a group of colors or a certain font, or a type of style; keeping the mood the same throughout the company is always a good choice.

Applying for government grants is a way of receiving free money that goes directly toward your business and you don’t have to pay it back. This money must go towards improving your business or advancing in it some way. This is a extremely effective way to receive money and not have the stress of paying it back, as most small businesses have.

Knowing your audience is a very crucial point in marketing your brand and business. Make sure you have your demographic set out before you start to target your customers. If you target the wrong demographic, your sales will show and it you will definitely lose money.

Don’t be afraid of change the scheme of things. Changing is constantly happening, so you might as well roll with it. Change in the media is the most prominent since it is the prime source from our daily information.

Finally, encourage feedback and other constructive criticism about your business. Always have an open mind about new ideas and think big. But always keep in mind the main objective of your business. Never stray away form the real reason you started your own small business.


Well there you go, you have now been informed about the experience of having your own business from the mind of Mr. Kyle Topping, a small business owner and Professor at Loyalist College. I hope this helps in some way or another. Thanks for reading!!!

Radio Advertising Commercial: 30 seconds

Product: Gold’N’Beautiful Sun tan lotion

Background noise: Waves +birds and people in the distance talking.

GIRL 1: Hey, what’s that you’re putting on?

GIRL 2: Oh, it’s Gold’N’Beautiful sun tan lotion. It’s the only thing I use to protect me against the sun.

GIRL 1: It smells amazing, but how do you know it works?

GIRL 2: I was talking to my hair dresser and she has been using it for years. Her skin is flawless.

GIRL 1 :  Can I borrow some?

GIRL 2 : Oh sorry, no, it’s almost gone.

Background noise: swift grabbing noise 


FEMALE ANNCR:  Don’t forget your own Gold’N’Beautiful Sun Tan lotion the next time you’re in the sun. Find it at your local pharmacy.

TCM to Release Robert Osborne Interviews on DVD


cinematically insane

conversations-with-robert-osborne-dvd_360 After 20 years as the face of Turner Classic Movies, host Robert Osborne has earned his moment in the spotlight.

Beginning on April 7, TCM will launch a new line of DVDs featuring Osborne’s greatest on-air interviews with classic film icons. The first release in the new TCM Originals DVD series will be Conversations with Robert Osborne, a five-program set featuring broadcast interviews with Liza Minnelli, Eva Marie Saint, Kim Novak, and Luise Rainer, plus the delightful, Alec Baldwin-hosted profile of Osborne that premiered on the network in January.

These “special programs produced by TCM and exclusive to the network” all aired as part of the Private Screenings or Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival series, and will be sold under the TCM Vault brand as manufacture-on-demand discs. The first installment is already up for pre-order on the TCM Shop webpage (for $24.99), and the listing…

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Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

Cinema Talk

I come to Manhattan Melodrama as a continuing effort to familiarize myself with director George Cukor. His work on this film is apparently minor, he was called in to shot some scenes after the film’s original director, W.S. Van Dyke, had already moved on to work on The Thin Man. This puts me in a tough position because anything I want to extrapolate here as an overall part of Cukor’s cinematic vision is compromised as I don’t know what is his exactly. If there’s something to continue from Girls About Town (1931, and just reviewed yesterday) it’s that Cukor’s character find themselves in unique relationships. One might argue that such novelty is necessary and not particularly remarkable for a dramatic film, but once again, I find something negotiating the expectations of heterosexual relationships. It’s far more subtle (and probably unintentional) in comparison to the aforementioned Girls About Town but it…

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