Baking with Marlene Dietrich! Here’s Her Easy Chocolate Holiday Cake


Sister Celluloid

Looking for a holiday cake that’s so easy it will have you falling in love again with baking? Here’s a recipe from one of my favorite books, Marlene Dietrich’s ABCs. Which isn’t exactly a cookbook. It’s more like a quiet conversation off in the corner of the room with your impossibly glamorous favorite aunt who you can’t even believe is your mother’s sister—the one the whole family talks about all the time, and not always so nicely.


But Marlene was a homebody at heart; her lover, Jean Gabin, once complained, “She’s always scrubbing and cleaning!” One night  at the Hollywood Canteen, Van Johnson watched the legendary diva work herself up to something close to ecstasy while washing dishes. When he told her how surprised he was, she growled, “I’m a hausfrau, a cook—not that sequined clown you see on the stage!”


Well alrighty then! And just to prove it, here’s her fabulously…

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