V is for “Vivien Leigh” (A to Z Challenge Continued)

Lauren Randalls Art


This drawing has been unfinished for months, so I am happy to finally present Vivien Leigh. The detail on her outfit had me dreading this drawing… but it was such a good picture I had to do it. And yes, the flowers on her dress look weird like that in the original picture. I love the fierce look in her eyes. Seems like that’s the look she was always wearing… and I love it! I remember sitting in history class in high school watching Gone With The Wind and thinking, “Good grief this is the longest and most ridiculous movie!”. Now that I’m older I have much more appreciation for the movie. And Vivien’s bold and fierce attitude. This is actually the second portrait I’ve done of her. I drew this beaut when I first started drawing portraits. It is now proudly displayed in my Great Grandmother’s living room. Hope…

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