Mexico 2014: Marietas Islands

Coffee and Turtlenecks

I did promise a whack of Mexico stories a while ago…So I should probably deliver at least one of them seeing as it’s been approximately four months since I returned. Just a heads up, this is heavily photo laden.

In February, myself, my sisters and my Mom hopped on a flight to Puerto Vallarta for a week. We stayed at a Riu Jalisco and did the sorts of things that an all inclusive vacation provides. It’s very low maintenance travelling. And a lot of the time a nice relaxing vacation where not much preparation is necessary, is just what you need. Because of this freedom to lounge and do as we saw fit the whole week, we were free to book external tours at our leisure. The first of which was an Island adventure in the Bahia de Banderas out of Pureto Vallarta.


This was the best thing basically ever!



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Creative Photo Project: A Love Letter

–  A picture is worth a thousand words. –

Creating an interesting and detailed story from just a photo was the exciting task in this project along with choosing an interesting way in which to present my work of art. For this assignment, I decided to give a photo a past filled with love and mystery.

I started with constructing a letter (dated August 31st, 1940) that was written by a fictional young mother conveying her love and her deep fears for her children; as their father went off to war (World War II to be exact). She then packs the letter away carefully with some recent newspapers with no intention to send it to him.

In the letter is a photo of a man walking off along a lonely road with his belongings. The young wife explains in the letter that it was the last time she ever saw her husband and she wanted to remember it.

She signs the love letter off with:

“I label this package with fragile – for it contains your most loyal treasure, my heart.”

With the addition of a brown tag hanging on the outside of the package to really authenticate it; this small paper box takes a trip back to war-time where families were torn apart and romances slowly perished with time.

Brown Paper Package
Brown Paper Package


Brown paper package cushioned with old newspapers.
Brown paper package cushioned with old newspapers.
1939 and 1943 New York Times Newspaper. Containing articles & updates on the war.
A 1939 and 1943 New York Times Newspaper articles containing updates on the war.


♪”Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things.”♫ 

– The Sound of Music (1965)


 I am very pleased to say that I enjoyed doing this project very much.