“He’d photograph your soul if he could find enough light, honey.” Ava Gardner and Jack Cardiff

Jack Cardiff – Genius !! I love his work.


Annex - Gardner, Ava (Barefoot Contessa, The)_01

I finally got around to reading Ava Gardner, The Secret Conversations, and one of the things that jumped out at me was the bond that develops between Stars and Cinematographers.

Jack Cardiff (the extraordinary, he who painted with light) had this to say about his friend, Ava, when approached by her biographer, Peter Evans:

“Don’t kid yourself, pal. If Ava Gardner wants you to write her book, you’ll write it.” And, “Nobody becomes a movie star by putting all their cards on the table—”

Ms. Gardner was surprisingly candid with Mr. Evans, but before publication withdrew her permission to complete a book that had only begun to be fleshed out. A book, up to that point, mostly based on late night, often drunk, conversations on the phone.


Peter Bart had this to say in Variety:

The memoir, based on Gardner’s middle-of-the-night rants, effectively reminds us of the salty jargon…

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