Radio Advertising Commercial: 30 seconds

Product: Gold’N’Beautiful Sun tan lotion

Background noise: Waves +birds and people in the distance talking.

GIRL 1: Hey, what’s that you’re putting on?

GIRL 2: Oh, it’s Gold’N’Beautiful sun tan lotion. It’s the only thing I use to protect me against the sun.

GIRL 1: It smells amazing, but how do you know it works?

GIRL 2: I was talking to my hair dresser and she has been using it for years. Her skin is flawless.

GIRL 1 :  Can I borrow some?

GIRL 2 : Oh sorry, no, it’s almost gone.

Background noise: swift grabbing noise 


FEMALE ANNCR:  Don’t forget your own Gold’N’Beautiful Sun Tan lotion the next time you’re in the sun. Find it at your local pharmacy.


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