Loyalist College Spring Open House 2014

For my event, I chose the 2014 Loyalist College Open House. It was held at Loyalist College on Saturday, March 15th, 10am-2pm. Students and their parents came far and wide to see the College campus and facilities by ongoing tours throughout the day.


Who they are targeting?  The Loyalist College Marketing team obviously targets the teenagers that just graduated from high school and are looking for a postsecondary school to attend, but they do target older people. The advertising for programs and courses have a lot of middle-age appeal such as the models that show in the pictures for each program. So that would also include mature students in both demographics. Loyalist first started the Open House promotions at the beginning of February 2014.  Since then, they have been furiously advertising the Spring Open House. They have already begun advertising the next Open House on April 26th.

The When, Where, How of Promos?

The promotions that helped support the Open House were mainly based on contests and other attractions.  There were draws where you could win 100$ to the Quinte Mall. One significant promotional plan was to set up a Loyalist College booth in the Quite Mall for a weeks before the open House. Here was many different informative packages describing Loyalist and all it has to offer.

They also had their Radio Station put out commercials for the event every week, which would have a big impact on the people who attended. But overall, they had a balance of both online and print advertisements.

Socials Medias

Loyalist College had a real handle on all the different types of socials medias and how and when to use them. They used several very effective outlets to notify the world of their 2014 Spring Open House.  They consisted of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  And they all had material on where to get more information about the Open House, which I thought was very good on their part.


The advertisements that I saw at the event were the same ones I discovered around Belleville weeks before. They were mediocre, but they were pretty effective.

Loyalist also sent out post cards in the mail inviting everyone who applied for Loyalist College to the Open House. And with that post card came a ballet that could win 1000$ of your tuition already paid for by the College.

There were many different types of print ads that were promoting the event. These include a common 3-fold brochure, a one-page booklet and several flyers that range from Cafeteria meals to campus/residence.


What I asked, who I asked.

I talked to several people over the course of the day. I spoke to total strangers that were there for the tours and I also discussed some of the advertising with Laura Naumann. Also the numerous people running the info booth. I asked about the types of media they advertised on and which one they thought to be most effective.

What I would have done differently?

Even though the Open House was beautifully conducted, there were some things that I would have done differently. For instance, I would have an additional booth solely for just answer question about the College and Campus. The reason I say this is because when I attended the event, there was a little bit of a line to the only booth available for questioning.

Another thing I would have had in the Open House was more of a food selection. There was upwards of 1000 people who attend the event over the course of four hours. So I’m just saying that veggies and crackers just don’t cut it these days.

Overall, a very successful Open House for Loyalist College!

Loyalist College. My College, My Future.
Loyalist College Decor
Loyalist College Decor
Promotional Material
Promotional Material

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