coffee – can’t believe I’m awake – after the oscars

2014 Oscars, = 10 pizzas out of 10.


Babies, you know I try to be nice. To preface everything, I thought the show last night was great. And the awards, whether you know it or not, are the one money raising function the Academy has every year to support its archives, research, student programs, museum, library, and fellowships. Beyond the glamour and jokes and the cattiness (which I indulge in myself) surrounding the awards, that night, last night represents something big, the past, the present, and the future of motion pictures…

Okay, just a little cat clawing, because, I have to. Did you see the Gummy Oscars? I mean those weird, tacky, translucent, things scattered over the set last night. They were supposed represent Oscar, right? Not some pool inflatable?  And what about that set? So many elements, so little to do with each other, so very distracting, even from the nosebleed seats. Actually more distracting from the…

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