The Wind Turbine Issue

Wind turbines in a wheat field at West Somerton, Norfolk. Photograph by Graham Turner
Wind turbines in a wheat field at West Somerton, Norfolk. Photograph by Graham Turner

Wind Turbines are one, if not the best, way to produce energy from the environment without physically harming the atmosphere. There are many reasons why a community would not want to develop a wind turbine farm, but none of them stray away from the fact that they harness free energy from the environment.

The fact of the matter is that every good point proven for wind turbines, there will another one that will completely strike it down. Wind turbines are made to create energy from a natural resource. These machines are very costly and they need constant maintenance for them to run smoothly. They are designed to take the spinning energy made from the propeller and convert it into electricity. Wind turbines are rather large and they produce a sound that disturbs some people to the point of migraines. So as you can see, there will always be a good and bad to every good idea.

The amazing benefits from a wind turbine is an energy that is transformed from a harmless element of the Earth and it made into actual power that can be used to power cities, etc. Engineers have worked very hard to create such a machine to do this and it would be almost a waste of time and money not to have them active.

An additional benefit is that the energy that is produced from the wind turbines is completely clean and non-toxic to the environment. The turbines release no pollution into the air or water and does not contribute to global warming. They are free of green-house gas emissions. This sets a rural communities minds at ease to know that their home isn’t being polluted with harmful gases.

Finally, wind energy strengthens rural communities. Locally-owned wind generates new income sources for farmers, property-owners, and communities. It also strengthens rural and often depressed societies in more subtle – yet vital – ways by increasing local business ingenuity and developing a sense of faith for the forthcoming hardship that may occur.


As for the side of the cons, there are arguably just as important as the pros proven. The points to prove against wind turbines are subjects on sound pollution from the turbine turning blade, the attractiveness of the large piece of machinery in farmland and the danger a wind turbine is to a bird.

The sound that comes from the repeated spinning of the three blades that make up the turbine. It has been recorded numerous times that the sound leads to long lasting migraines.

Another inferior point is that the certain type of machine isn’t exactly appealing to the eye, especially when there are ten all lined up in a row. This would end up being a deciding factor when it comes to the negotiation of the location of the turbine farm.

Finally, there is a great danger of birds migration patterns. this should be taken into account when deciding on the location of the wind turbines. The birds have been known to fly into the blades of the turbine and receive fault wounds.

As for my opinions on the construction of wind turbines all are in favour of them. I am all for the harvesting of wind energy. since it doesn’t harm anything important, I see no reason why not to build them.



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